EmiSwap is an AMM DEX supplemented by ESW governance token, Ethereum gas fees compensation, and 100% exchange
fees distribution among ESW holders.

From April 10, EmiSwap starts distributing x10 rewards for early liquidity providers and swappers, which makes EmiSwap the most rewarding protocol for liquidity mining.

Liqiudity mining on EmiSwap

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What is ESW?

ESW is EmiSwap's native governance token with a total supply of 200 million ESW. 100% of EmiSwap's commission is distributed among ESW holders proportionally.

Fees distribution on EmiSwap

Swap fee
Distributed to LPs
Distributed to ESW holders
6 million ESW is distributed among early swappers and liquidity providers.

EmiSwap's benefits for liquidity providers

EmiSwap compensates for 100% of the Ethereum fees paid for any operation on the exchange in its native ESW tokens.
From the 11th to the 100th day after the launch 30 000 ESW are proportionally distributed among LPs for 1 million DAI trading volume.
From the 11th to the 40th day after the launch 6,150 ESW will be issued additionally every 1000 blocks and will be distributed among LPs in proportion to the amount of liquidity provided.
0,05% from any operation on EmiSwap is equally distributed among ESW token holders which gives extra income to liquidity providers.
Gas fees compensation
x10 rewards for early birds
Extra rewards
100% DEX's fees distribution

Calculations example:

You provide liquidity worth $100,000 for ETH/DAI token pair.
You pay 100 USDT for gas and get 435 ESW as a compensation.
Total liquidity on EmiSwap is 20,000,000 DAI, which means your share is 0.5%.
Daily trading volume is 3,000,000 DAI, thus 7,500 DAI is distributed among LPs on a daily basis. You receive 37,5 DAI every day.
Additionally, 90,000 ESW (30,000 ESW for each 1 milllion trading volume) is allocated to LPs proportionally. You receive 450 ESW daily.
Furthermore, liquidity providers get 6,150 ESW for every 1,000 blocks. There are 6,800 blocks daily, so 41,820 ESW will be distributed among LPs. Your reward is 201 ESW daily.
Your daily reward in this case is 37,5 DAI + 651 ESW. You also get additional income from ESW holdings, 0.05% daily.You pay 100 USDT for gas and get 9090 ESW as a compensation.
In this case, you will earn 1125 DAI + 19,530 ESW monthly (in case all the conditions described in this example are met).
According to our calculations, once LTV on EmiSwap reaches 20 million DAI, the price of the ESW token will increase from 0,11 DAI to 0,4 DAI.
In the case described, this makes a 107% APY for providing liquidity on EmiSwap (excluding 0.05% rewards for ESW tokens).

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EmiSwap is an automated market maker exchange with a ESW voting token. It is an open source, decentralized platform, fork of Uniswap V2. EmiSwap is the first project in the EmiDAO ecosystem.
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