EmiSwap is an audited, cross-chain, and rewarding AMM DEX that helps you extract daily profits from staking, farming, and liquidity mining
How to Start Farming?
We support MetaMask, Coinbase, Fortmatic, Portis, and other wallets.
Connect your wallet to EmiSwap
Choose the "Add liquidity tab" and supply desired pool tokens to the protocol. You will get LP tokens as a confirmation of your pool ownership that will later be farmed. BTW we compensate for 100% gas fees for adding liquidity to the pool ;)
Choose your perfect pool
Variable pools allow for withdrawing at any time while Fixed pools boast stable APR for a certain period of time. To join the pool, you will need to have two pool tokens, e.g. ESW and USDT in your wallet as well as some Ether to pay for gas fees.
Get LP tokens by adding liquidity to the pool
After you're done with adding liquidity, choose the "farming" tab and add LP tokens to the pool that interests you. You will receive rewards in $ESW every 13 seconds – as simple as that!
Start farming
Same as for farming, just choose your wallet from the list and connect it to EmiSwap.
The first step – connect your wallet
It's easy: select the "Swap" tab and buy ESW with some other currency, ETH or USDT for example. Note that we compensate for 100% Ether gas fees, but you anyway need some Ethereum for a swap.
Buy $ESW tokens for staking
How to start staking?
Start staking
When you have some ESW on your balance you should choose the staking tab and enter the number of tokens you want to stake in variable or fixed pools. You will be able to see the first rewards in less than a minute after you start staking.
Still have any questions?
No worries, we're always glad to help both to those who love chatting and those who prefer exploring things themselves :)